14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (2024)

Here are free hip-hop sample packs and free hip hop drum kits to add to your music production collection.

This list has everything from the classic boom bap sound to raw and punchy drums. Whether you’re a professional producer or just starting out, these free samples are sure to help. Also, check out a wide selection of articles packed withfree music samplesfor music producers.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free Hip Hop sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Hip Hop Drum Kits

  1. 300 Free Hip-Hop Samples
  2. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit
  3. Boom Bap Drum Kit
  4. Free Hip Hop Sample Pack
  5. 50 Free Vinyl Drum Fills
  6. Free Drum Loops
  7. Looperman Free Hip Hop Loops
  8. Free Hip-Hop Samples Vol. 1
  9. Hip Hop Claps
  10. Beatbox Sound Kit
  11. Roland TR-505
  12. C-RAM’s Straight From Da Trap 3
  13. Free Boom Bap Drum Kit
  14. Pete Rock Drum Kit

300 Free Hip-Hop Samples

All the samples are supplied as 24-bit WAV files, so they can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice.

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Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (1)

Dive into the world of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop with this free drum kit crafted by Tony Starks. This pack comes with 42 unique samples, including dirty snares, dusty kicks, hi-hats, and percussive sounds that all carry a vintage vibe.

Perfect for creating hip-hop, house, soul, and trap beats, these samples are a great way to boost your sound collection.

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Boom Bap Drum Kit

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (2)

Explore the Boom Bap Addict Sound kit on Hipstrumentals, which offers you a variety of unique sounds such as Hi-Hats, Kicks, Mixed 1, Mixed 2, and Snares to enhance your music creation experience. Hipstrumentals is a great resource for free drum kits.

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Free Hip Hop Sample Pack

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (3)

This free hip-hop sample pack by Angelic Vibes is a go-to resource for music makers.

It includes cool drum loops that bring back the feel of old-school hip-hop and unique melodies.

This pack is perfect for hip-hop music creation. It contains 29 one-shots, 10 melodies, and 11 drum loops with stems.

Plus, you can use these sounds as much as you want because they’re royalty-free. Each sound is marked with its BPM and key, making them easy to use in your work.

Download this pack today and take your hip-hop tracks to the next level.

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50 Free Vinyl Drum Fills

This is a collection of free vinyl drum fill samples from Reddit.

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Free Drum Loops

Free Drum Loops offers a collection of drum loops that you can download and use in your music for free. These loops come in WAV format, are 16bit, and have a quality of 44k.

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Looperman Free Hip Hop Loops

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (4)

Explore a vast collection of free hip-hop loops, samples, and sounds shared by other users at Looperman. You can sort and filter the sound files based on genre, key, BPM, and more.

It’s a creative community where you can download music loops and even leave your own comments.

They also provide guidelines on how to use the loops to help users. Be sure to respect copyright and the upload guidelines when using these resources.

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Free Hip-Hop Samples Vol. 1

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (5)

Free Hip-Hop Samples vol.1 from r-loops features five FREE fully mixed and mastered Hip-Hop construction kits.

Download Here | 200 MB

Hip Hop Claps

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (6)

Discover the “Hip Hop Claps” sample pack from Beat Production, featuring a unique collection of clap sounds perfect for enhancing tracks in genres like R&B, Neo Soul, Trap, Hip Hop, and Pop.

These samples, which are completely free and royalty-free, can be layered with snare for a lively club record sound or used on their own for a more minimalist approach.

You can even create unique Flying Lotus-style claps and snares by layering these with foley or other unconventional sounds. Explore these sounds to bring a new dimension to your music.

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Beatbox Sound Kit

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (7)

This is a really cool free beatbox sound kit donated by Beats by Francis.

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Roland TR-505

The Roland TR-505 samples pack features over 16 sampled drum sounds for your favorite sampler.

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C-RAM’s Straight From Da Trap 3

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (8)

Explore the final addition to C-RAM’s “Straight From Da Trap” Nexus series, which offers over 50 free presets for producing Hip Hop, Trap, RnB, Pop, and more.

This inspiring collection of sounds can keep you creating fresh beats for a while. You can also follow C-RAM on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

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Free Boom Bap Drum Kit

Free boom bap drum kit. The download link is in the video description. Over 500 megabytes of samples.

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Pete Rock Drum Kit

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (9)

Pete Rock is a music producer, record producer, DJ, and rapper. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential Hip Hop producers of all time.

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14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (10)

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Drawing on the wide variety of free drum kits, sample packs, and percussion loops, the music production landscape has never been more exciting.

These resources have made creating high-quality hip-hop, trap, and even UK drill music more accessible than ever before. From old-school boom bap to the darkest trap music melodies, the diversity of sounds available is impressive.

The samples provided in these packs, from punchy kicks to classic drum machines, are not just for the hip-hop set. They serve as a great inspiration and resource for all music producers and can be utilized across a wide array of music genres.

Whether it’s electronic music or lo-fi hip hop, the right drum samples or melody loops can elevate your track to new heights.

These resources include a plethora of one-shot samples, percussion sounds, and drum shots, available in high-quality WAV format. With a simple download, you can add these amazing sounds to your sample library, ready to be used in FL Studio or your digital audio workstation of choice.

The options are vast, from the Hip Hop 101 Drum Kit with over 250 one-shot drum sounds to the “Free Hip Hop Drum Samples” featuring an array of kicks, snares, cymbals, claps, and percussion. Each sample pack is inspired by a unique aspect of the genre, providing an endless stream of inspiration.

The “Boom Bap Drum Kit” and the “Raw Hip Hop Drums” are both a must-have for beatmakers looking to create music with a distinct flavor. They offer a variety of punchy and gritty sounds perfect for achieving that classic hip-hop vibe. For those interested in venturing into different genres, the “Roland TR-505 Samples Pack” offers a range of sampled drum sounds that can be used in a variety of settings.

However, as great as these free sounds are, it’s essential to check each website’s terms and conditions to understand which samples can be used for commercial purposes. Not all free drum samples or free sample packs may be used in projects intended for the commercial market, so doing your due diligence is a necessity in the music industry.

These free resources are a great choice for both professional producers and those just starting out in making beats. These free drum kits contain high-quality sounds that can transform any loop kit into a complete song.

In conclusion, whether you’re in the pursuit of creating the perfect trap drum kit, crafting dark melodies for your drill music, or simply looking for high-quality one-shots for your electronic music production, these resources are completely free and an invaluable addition to your creative arsenal.

They not only provide the tools needed to create music but also offer the opportunity to learn and understand the other elements that shape the sounds we hear in our favorite songs today.

Remember, the world of music production is at your fingertips, and these free resources are your key to unlocking amazing sounds. So, dive in, explore these free sample packs, and let your creativity flow.

I hope you enjoy these free Hip Hop drum kits.

14 Free Hip Hop Drum Kits, Loops, & Hip Hop Drum Samples (2024)
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